What we do

nomox what we do global transportation

nomox works with importers of Spanish products as their partner in Spain to help them source the products that best fit their needs.

If you import Spanish products, our aim is to help you find those Spanish producers that best fulfil your requirements.

nomox negotiates, on your behalf, every aspect of your purchasing activity in Spain, as your see fit: prices, payment conditions, logistics, labelling and documentation requirements, etc. in order for you to be most efficient in your purchases of Spanish products: to get you what you need at the best possible prices, reducing the burden and hassle for your purchasing team, the language barriers, the geographical inconveniences, etc...

The final decisions as to which producers to work with, and what references to import, would always be yours: nomox help you to reach the best business decisions, based on exact information and independent advice.

We keep your purchasing team up to date with new market developments of your interest: new companies, products, formats, market tendencies...

The benefits we bring you should always outnumber the costs, or otherwise you will be free to keep the relationships established with the producers without the intervention of nomox.

Finally, we help your Sales team to understand the purchased products, their specifications, and also the culture behind them and the Spanish gastronomy, so they can transform this knowledge into effective sales.