We work with well-established companies, financially secured and able to commercially develop the business for the selected producers in their geographic area of influence.
There are some key aspects in which nomox business is built:

nomox presentiality


Being based in Spain, we make sure that all the import/export processes run smoothly, helping

the producers to meet the expected requirements. We visit any potential producers we might work with, looking into hard facts such as their factories conditions, production capabilities and quality ranges; and soft factors, such as their flexibility to adapt to new markets, their willingness to accept new challenges, and their passion and enthusiasm for what they do.

We are the eyes and minds, in Spain, of our clients, and thus we help our clients to reduce the burden and hassle of their purchasing activity in Spain, closing the language and distance barriers.
nomox indepencency


We depend, financially speaking, exclusively on the importers, not on the producers, in order to

keep us independent and focused on our clients’ needs.
nomox confidentiality


All the information shared with nomox is kept under strict confidentiality, never

disclosed to any third party without the prior and explicit consent from our clients.

nomox exclusivity


once we reach an agreement with an importer, nomox refrains from establishing any

business relationship with any other importer within the same area of influence and for any product that might conflict with our clients’ own.
nomox transparency


nomox’s charging structure is negotiated with our clients, the importers, so they

receive the complete and exact information about the cost of the products, apart from ours. Our charging structure is commission-based, and the level of commission depends on the type of products purchased and on the volumes we dealt with.

nomox added value


No contract or commitment will limit our clients’ capability to work directly with the

producers ever, without the intervention of nomox. We only intermediate when we add value to our client’s business, on an on-going basis. If or when the benefits we bring did not exceed the costs, we would be happy to review our commission or to completely withdraw, allowing the business to flow between the importer and the producers.